Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Who are you?"

I've mentioned before that the building next door to mine is an apartment building that has been converted into offices for the Dreyers Icecream Corporate complex (it really qualifies as a complex, I think). There is a woman who works in the middle office on the ground floor that has sparked my curiosity.

She comes in very early...I left this morning at 7:40 and she was there already. As a result, she has witnessed (if she bothered to watch) my early morning returns, and my strange habits (like having to double check that I've turned off the stove or the coffeemaker after I'm already halfway out the door).

I don't really know what she looks like because it seems impolite to stare into her office window at her. But she is very organized. Her desk is always neat...not just at the end of the day or when she first gets to work, but at different times in the day, I've seen it. Spotless. She always has a full bottle of water at her desk.

I am so curious about her. I don't know why...given her neatness and her predisposition to early morning times, I'm not sure that we would be friends. Maybe it's the impossibility of ever breaching the barrier of the window that does it? Who knows.

I started to write a diatribe about stuff relating to my job and the craziness of the state and federal healthcare systems, but it just makes me mad to think about it this morning.

Okay, then. Everyone have a good day - and if you'd like to provide speculation in the comments about the Dreyer's woman, feel free. It'll help entertain me.


shorty said...

Maybe she's like Kramer in Seinfeld, where he really wasn't employed by the company, but he dressed up and went in everyday.

Perhaps you could call the company and try to get a hold of her and set up a lunch date to ask her all those ?'s.

You might be more alike than you think.

Maybe she goes in early to keep an eye on you? That might be her only keep tabs on you?


Or maybe I'm just bored.

Have a great day....why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!

Fred said...

Hmmm...maybe you can turn the tables and get up early some morning to watch her. Then, bump into her by accident, invite her to have some coffee, and see what happens.

A mystery in the making.

Hippy Chick said...

Maybe she is so neat b/c she doesn't want to leave any evidence while plotting some sort of corporate takeover by Haagen-Dazs ;)

Aravis said...

Maybe the two of you have become each other's reality show? *G*

P'tit-Loup said...

I think she will be featured on the next batman movie and has to be done with her work before the sun is too high up!