Thursday, December 28, 2006

Breathing a bit easier...

First travel...I had the unique experience this trip of not being asked about whether I had packed my own luggage or if anyone had given me something to carry for them. And yet I had to have my Purell, lotion, lip balm, and Flonase in a clear plastic bag, despite the fact that none of that was enough liquid to have blown anything up.

The difference between the SF and Minneapolis airports in regards to the liquids restrictions? When I got to SFO last week and had transferred all my stuff to my plastic cosmetics bag which I was carrying on, the first security guard made it sound likely that they would confiscate everything because it wasn't specifically in a ziploc bag. "Don't you see all the signs in the airport?" he taunted. Well, hello, I didn't bring a ziploc to the airport, so it was a little late once I got here. For my Minneapolis flight, I was prepared, only to find that they had, quite considerately, in my opinion, prepared a station with free ziplocs right before you entered security. That's MN nice for you.

Once I got my luggage last night, I got to experience my first travel in a non-licensed van. It was a very nice van, I have to say, and I got a great rate without having to wait hardly at all. Excellent.

I got home to find a bouquet of flowers waiting for me from S. More excellent!

I love my home. I love my bed. I love the humidity (there is negative humidity in MN during the winter, I swear) which will heal my dry sinuses. This is definitely home.


Hippy Chick said...

Welcome home, bonita! :)

shorty said...

All in all it sounds like a nice trip.

Now stop blogging and go see S!

Happy New Year

Aravis said...

It must feel so good to be home. Enjoy!