Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Looking California, and feeling Minnesota"

It's amazing how quickly my speech patterns slip into a Minnesota drawl...long o's and u's and a bit of a nasal pitch. Not the prettiest of accents.

I spent yesterday and today with friends talking about men, sex, politics, and depression (or the disappearance thereof). I went shopping at the local women's bookstore (as the 2 in the east bay have gone out of business) and got some fabulous books - not that I need more.

I go to the airport tonight, and sometime very early this morning I will be crawling into my own bed. Yay!

S leaves on Saturday for the east coast for several weeks. I will only have a little more than a day to recharge my S stores before he leaves. Then I will focus on some writing that I want to do for my practice. *Sigh*

I have to say that I am really loving my life these days (even if sometimes it feels like I get into a bit of a rut).


qqqqqqqqq said...

Amazing the difference a year makes....

Aravis said...

Aw, I'm sorry you won't have enough time with S before he leaves. Imagine how intense things will be when he comes back, though!

Good luck as you focus on your writing. :0)

P'tit-Loup said...

Welcome home!!!

And I just am not surprised at the thoughfulness of the Minesotans, they have the market cornered on kindness in my experience! As for the slight accent, enjoy it while it lasts! I find I often "slip" into a stronger accent after reading french, or speaking to my family on the phone. It goes away too fast in my mind!