Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Happy Birthday to you!"

It's S' birthday today. I want to wiggle with joy. It's a strange experience to feel so happy about the anniversary of someone's birth. I'm a bit pathetic and over the moon, eh?

Anyway, I pick him up today right after work and head over to SS' house (I finally get to see where she lives!). She's making something wonderful (which I'm supplementing with roasted brussel sprouts - mmm!), and then we are going to make gingerbread dreidls. S is Jewish and he plans to send off 2 dreidls to his family for Hanukkah.

I mentioned our activities to my co-worker who pronounced them suitably strange, so I guess we'll have fun.

Among the myriad of reasons why this person is so incredible in my eyes: last night he called to say that he was aware that the Solstice was coming up and wanted to plan to do something with me to celebrate. Heee!


Literary Hoax said...

Happy birthday to S and how perfect that he is Solstice-friendly as well as everything else. Let us know what you plan for your celebrations.

qqqqqqqqq said...

It is great to read your blog when you're happy.....

Aravis said...

Happy Birthday to S! I hope you all have a great time tonight. How wonderful that he takes an interest in the things that matter to you, too. :0)

New White Keds said...

Happy Birthday to S. And you sound so very happy -- I hope that feeling never leaves you.