Friday, December 22, 2006

"Up on an airplane"

After work yesterday, I met up with S, had dinner and a lovely solstice ritual, then he walked me to BART with my luggage.

From there, I went to SF airport and waited for my very late/early plane to Minnesota to arrive. I was able to sleep on the plane, which was a blessing because it was one of the most uncomfortable planes I've been on in recent memory.

I did realize, at the airport that I had forgotten my list of phone numbers for friends in MN, so if any of you are reading, please give my cell a call or e-mail me with your phone number.

I took about a 3 hour nap, but I'm still really groggy. It is horribly dry here, as usual.

I've met with all the animals. Jessie, the australian shephard, and I are going to seal our friendship later on today by taking a W-A-L-K. Of course, I've already learned that it's no problem for him to stand there as I need to pet him. He's happy with that.

I've debated about putting a picture of S up here. I'd definitely have to talk to him first. You all may have noticed that the only people pictures I've put up here before have been of bloggers who have put their pics up before. Or my own picture, of course. I am the star of the blog.

But a description is fitting...he's 5'7" or so, thin. He's in shape but he doesn't have bulky muscles. He has brown hair and eyes. His hair is shoulder length and frequently pulled back into a ponytail. Glasses. He has a beard and mustache, also brown although he's getting some grey there. His typical outfit: hiking boots (I've never seen him wear another type of shoe), outdoorsy type slacks, a long-sleeved shirt and a hooded sweatshirt. His winter coat is a lovely "retro" (although he's actually had it since the '70s) navy jacket with orange stitching. I don't know if I'd mentioned on my blog before that my initial impression on first seeing him was "Oh! He's a geek." I was a bit disappointed. Now, I'm convinced this is a cloaking power he has...because I find him absolutely ravishing.

Well, I've been in my mother's house for several hours and I have yet to have any homemade sweets. I must now rectify this!


Aravis said...

The first time I saw Randy, I thought he was a geek too. But he grew on me... *G*

Have a great time in MN, and eat some homemade sweets for me! I've eaten all of mine. :0(

Hippy Chick said...

Yay, glad you got there safe and sound and with some sleep to boot :) Have a great holiday! btw have you noticed lori's a geek? and also ravishing in my eyes. but then we ARE interchangeable aftar all ;)

Hyde said...

Woah... thanks for the description!



qqqqqqqqq said...

A picture is good, I love pictures, my wife has a blog that is all about pictures and prose.

Fred said...

Happy Holidays, Spin. I hope it's a great one!

Hippy Chick said...

Hey Spins,
just fyi there have been 2 earthquakes in the last 14 hrs - about the same size as the one on wednesday - one was at 9:30pm last night and one was around 9:15 this morning. Both jolts like the last one but freaky that there's been so many in such a short time! Ack!