Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"We are in the midst of an ideological struggle"

Really?! I thought we were fighting a war on terror. Isn't an ideological struggle a bad idea as a pre-emptive war strategy? Suddenly the words "re-education camps" spring to mind, and none of the images that match that phrase are pretty.

If you have to inflict your ideas by force on someone, it's a pretty good likelihood that they are going to reject them on principle. And when did we forget a basic tenet of physics? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

My discontent this year with how things are happening politically is spilling over into how I'm viewing the gross consumerism of this holiday...

I was in the bank last week and a woman made a rather loud comment about how the bank hadn't decorated for Xmas, and how annoying it was that everyone was getting so "PC" these days. The thought that popped into my head, completely without sarcasm (I swear), was that they didn't need to decorate, they weren't selling anything. My brain made the connection quite easily that the public display of holiday decorating tends to be focused at inspiring gift buying. It gets you "in the mood," as it were.

I promise, I'm not quite in as pissy a mood as the post seems to indicate...but what can you do when you are subjected to such blatant attempts at propoganda so early in the morning.

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