Thursday, January 18, 2007


Last night, I headed over to SF to meet Punctual for the first time. Traffic sucked and it took me over an hour, so I was late. Not good when you are going to meet Punctual. CityFriend seemed somewhat blase about the whole deal, but I think that has something to do with sleep deprivation. CF's Husband, was a little bit more anxious about the boy, and gingerly held him. I think they are going to be superb raising him.

Got back to the housesit last night, to find that sweet Scout seems to have something of an ear infection in her left ear. So I'm off to the vet with her this morning. She hasn't liked my looking and touching of it, and it's all red and hot. I took the "me" test (you know, if this were me, would we be going to the doctor?), and came up with a firm yes. So I've called in late to work...not a terrible hardship.

I'm feeling a bit congested this morning. I do most mornings, but by this time the Claritin has usually kicked in. Today, I'm suffering from my lack of initiative in getting to Wahlgreen's to pick some more up. I guess that I can do that after the vet.

I just wanted to add another clarification to answers from my blog test. I know that a lot of you chose London as my favorite vacation spot. I did really love my trip to London. But what made it great was not London, itself, but the fabulous people I was able to spend time with while I was there. Scotland...well, Scotland has my heart first and foremost.


Aravis said...

Poor baby- I hope Scout feels better soon! That goes for you, too. :0(

Charby said...

London should have been the best, cos you got to meet me there!

Literary Hoax said...

Scotland is beautiful. I don't blame you for loving it one bit. Hope Scout is OK.