Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How very interesting...

I'm fascinated that so many people thought I was an Independent. I'm pretty firmly Democrat, and here's why...1) while they are not as liberal as I would want them to be, they do espouse many of the values that I hold dear...and they have enough power to make a difference. 2) I feel like there are enough folks in the Democratic tradition, both past and present, that really do go to the edge for what they believe. 3) Are they corrupt? I'm pretty sure that they are. But the question then comes down to "is our system corrupt?" I'm definite that it is in so many ways.

On another interesting topic, did you hear that census data shows that 51% of women are living without a spouse? It's a fascinating way to look at the data, since "living without a spouse" can mean a myriad of things that has nothing to do with 1) whether a woman is actually married, or 2) whether a woman is co-habitating with a partner. Still, it gives a pretty good clue that the reality in most women's lives is one of living "on her own." Rather timely for the focus of my practice.

Switching topics again, I had a very interesting dream last night. Let's just say that S can't get home soon enough! He left a message for me last night that I should plan to spend next Thursday night with him. Yay!

Okay, then, I'm off to my very interesting job to do very interesting things.

Here's an interesting thing about statistics...if you look at the bar graph that accompanies the 51% statistic mentioned above, you find that the largest discrepancy in the statistics between men and women falling in the category of "widowed" and "never married." The widowed piece is pretty clear - women live longer than men, so it is normal to find this reflected. But in the never married section - only 25% of women in the census data had never been married, whereas 31% of men had never been married. But much ado is being made of the overall statistics for women? Is it because singleness is only a "problem" when it's women who are choosing it?

An interesting follow-up from my blog survey about the census data: one blogger, a man, categorized the article under, among other things, "Spinster." Hmmm...a spinster is a woman who has never been married. And there are fewer of those, than never married men. Again, it seems that singleness is only a "problem" for women.

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Anonymous said...

Hey spinsterwitch -- I agree with you on this one. I heard that story myself and thought "What the hell whack vague statistic is this?" Liked your posts. Thanks for checking me out. I'll be back! -- Kerry aka: snippy little thing