Monday, January 15, 2007

How could I forget?!

Yesterday was my blog-birthday! Yay! 2 years in blogland. Huzzah!

So to celebrate, go take my quiz...all the answers are somewhere in my blog, so if you've been reading along, you should be able to at least make educated guesses.

What are you waiting for? Go, already!

Update: As Hyde, LB & Shorty have so astutely deduced, #3 on the quiz is a bit off. The correct answer was supposed to be the last option and read "1 & 2," but clearly something misfired in my brain yesterday afternoon. So, we'll give them all an additional 10% on their score...and since I can't go back and edit my quiz, you all should pick the last answer to get it right. It'll be a gimme.

Not much to tell this morning, except that there was some serious frost on the ground and you all out there are soon to be reaping the woes of California's cold snap just as we are in the increased price of oranges during the next year. Something like 70% of the citrus crop has been destroyed, and it looks like the artichokes which were coming to harvest have been lost as well.


Hyde said...

Happy Birthday!!! Although, I have to admit, I did terribly on your quiz. What can I say? I'm tired. Although, check question number three. I think the choices are messed up.

I'll read more carefully from now on...



shorty said...

Happy Blog Birthday as well. I did a bit better than Hyde, but I am disappointed with myself.

I too will pay closer attention.

Lord Bargain said...

I'm with Hyde. We demand a recount!!!!

red one said...

I've done the worst so far. I have the memory of a goldfish, apparently. And how could London not be your favourite?

Mine was the entry where I tried to input the name "now Spin, you wouldn't name us and shame us would you", but the quiz people seemed to think that was a bit long...

Well it might look as if I haven't been paying attention, but I think perhaps the detail is lost behind the overall impression I've got of what a different blogger you are these days. The emergence of a happier, more confident Spin has been the thing I've noticed most - and the best bit.

Happy blog birthday, Spin.

Aravis said...

Happy birthday to your blog!

I should have gotten your favorite location right, but I was sloppy. I didn't look beyond London, thinking of your past visits there, especially the most recent. Had I finished reading the choices I would have known that Scotland was the correct answer.

I wasn't sure if you were Democrat or Independent, so I (wrongly) guessed the latter. I had a pretty strong hunch you aren't a Republican. *G*

Literary Hoax said...

Happy (late) blog birthday! It's been a wonderful 2 years in blogworld with you around. Here's to many more. Cheers! *clinky clink*