Monday, January 29, 2007

This and that

I'm often surprised by the things that S planned. Yesterday was no exception...except that it was more "normal" than usual. When I got to his house, he expressed that he was concerned about the lack of visibility when we were driving in the rain on Friday. So, we spent a good hour cleaning the windows of my car and applying rain guard and fog guard. Now the windows reflect light strangely, but when it sprinkled yesterday the water just kind of beaded up on the windshield.

We then headed out for lunch and, after, went to pick out a suit for S. He doesn't have one suitable for a funeral, and wanted to be prepared. We were very funny, as I don't know suits and he hasn't worn one in ages. We found one we both liked. The salesman was appalled at S' foot attire, especially when he was informed that this was his dress shoe choice. Seeing as it wasn't hiking boots, I thought they were pretty fancy, too.

We headed to the Y for some swimming. I was quite proud of the fact that I got the hang of the snorkel and didn't inhale too much water. It was a good swim and we played the "heel game" again. Although I didn't win, I did a good job of avoiding my heel getting caught for long periods of time, occassionally.

Then it was dinner...then we went our seperate ways. I was exhausted, but I needed to stay up to finish watching Masterpiece Theater's Jane Eyre. I loved that book when I read it in High School. The movie was quite good.

It's the beginning of the week and already I want a day off. *sigh*


hammer said...

What's the "heel game"? I like the way you guys always have such random excursions. The joys of dating a "planner"!

spinsterwitch said...

The Heel Game - 2 players in a pool. You designate one hand that you can use to try to catch the opponent's heel. The trick is to try to catch your opponent's heel as they are trying to do the same to you and evade their attempts at the same time. You can't touch bottom, but you can pop up to breathe at any time. If there is a third person in your party, you can have them be judge for style, otherwise, the rule is just not to splash around too much because it attracts the lifeguard and may get you thrown out of the Y pool.

Cody Bones said...

Being busy is wonderful for our mental health. I'm so happy for you Spin's.