Friday, February 23, 2007

The 411

Hippy Chick recently mentioned to me that she'd found an old high school friend via There aren't a lot of people that I'd like to reconnect with, generally, from high school. But last night, because Thursday night television sucks right now, I decided to hit the internet and look up some of my old classmates. I tried myspace first, but didn't have a lot of luck, then I went to google.

Here's what I learned...I couldn't find anything about the poor boy I probably scarred in kindegarten because I tried to chase him down to kiss him almost everyday. Another boy I'd known since kindegarten is a mortgage professional and has started several businesses in Minneapolis. And the guy who was our high school class president (and a partying jock in high school) is now an assistant pastor at a large Lutheran church in Minneapolis. This was a huge shock, let me tell you! The guy that I had a crush on and worked on the paper with is now living in Washington state and is in real estate. He was really into hockey in high school, so I guess it's no surprise that he played college hockey then several years in the minor leagues, after that.

I tracked down a friend from church who is now working with her mother on a family business helping professionals develop further leadership skills. My best friend in 6th grade (we sort of drifted after that) is now a lawyer. So is the girl who was co-copy editor with me on the high school newspaper. One of my classmates, who I'd known since gradeschool has a master's degree in political science. I couldn't find out what she does professionally these days, but she sure does do a lot of running in her spare time. I've known for some time about a classmate that lives in California and is a teacher. I've really wanted to contact her because she was the most genuinely nice people I knew back then. But she's married and now has the oh-so-helpful last name of Johnson now. One of my classmates has successfully lost a bit of weight and is using that to promote her diet cookbook online.

I think the funnest discovery I made was of a friend who I nicknamed Sushi back in high school (I was Kiwi to her). She and I were really close for about 2 years, then we drifted. I don't remember how we met or even why we really connected. She was really into tennis and was much more stylish than I. But we were pretty close. I found her name listed on the psychology today therapist directory for Illinois. She's apparently a counselor there. There was a picture of her on the directory and it looks almost exactly as I remember her. I might have to send her a letter.

In other news, I also discovered a great website that had me laughing until I cried last night. Go here. Check out the category on the sidebar labeled Covers Gone Wild! I had to get tissues and blow my nose. As soon as I'm done posting here, I'm going to be adding them to my blog roll. That laughter was really good for me!

I think it's the trip down memory lane (back to the days of big hair and bad make-up) that is giving me the sudden urge to end this like this: It's Friday. Party hearty, people! Thank gods that's out of the way.


Aravis said...

I've been doing a lot of talking to people from high school lately, and it's wild how some things turn out, isn't it? I think it would be great if you got in touch with "Sushi" again! *G*

P'tit-Loup said...

For the most part I don't even remember the names of most of my high school classmates. And no I wasn't stone all the time. Maybe I'll give it a try and see if I can find anyone.