Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tea and toast

That's what I'm having for dinner tonight. Very British, I know. Well, maybe not as dinner. Don't worry, I had a big lunch.

I've learned another use for those pesky plastic bags that keep piling up. I sold a bunch of books on e-bay and didn't have the right sized boxes or enough "real" packing material. So the extra space in one of the boxes is filled with plastic bags. I thought it was a rather clever (and cheap) solution.

I talked to my friend B tonight. She's doing well, it seems. I'm going to try to get up to see her in May. That should be fun!

I went to see CityFriend (is that what I'm calling her these days?...Oooo, I'm going to call her PDock...because it's kinda like P-Diddy!)...okay, where was I? I went to see PDock and her new son, Punctual. It was a fun visit. I brought CPK and there was much happy eating all around.

S is going to be gone until Wednesday. I'm sad not to see him this weekend. It will be a quiet weekend. A good thing, I think because I've been a bit tired and I need to get lot's of rest. The upcoming week, I'm planning to see SFBette on Tuesday and HippyChick on Wednesday. I have an open house for the Women's Therapy Center on Friday. With my classes and S coming back, it's going to feel like a non-stop week.

Have a fab Sunday everyone!

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Aravis said...

It sounds like a great weekend. Hope you got some of that rest!