Friday, February 16, 2007


I've known for awhile that you could sell your books, etc., on, but had never tried it. I've taken advantage of the fact that others are selling theirs (either as booksellers or individuals) to my great delight and discount. But last night I took the plunge and I listed a bunch of stuff for purchase used.

I figured this is probably as good a deal as you could get. Amazon deals with the payment piece and will wire money directly to your bank account. They make a fee, which confused me at first until I got the hang of it, which sometimes means that it's not worth selling the book this way as I'd be paying more in fees and shipping to get rid of the book than anything. But, still there were about 30 books that I found that it was, at least, moderately worth doing this on.

So I put up my offers, and I thought that I would need to wait a really long time to see if anyone bit, but last night before turning off my computer, I found that three of the books had been bought. Cool! So now I just need to deal with the shipping. It's not only a better/more lucrative way to make money off the books than to take them to the used bookstore, there's also something about knowing the names of the people who are getting these books that I've read (well, or not read in some of the cases).

I have a whole bagful of romance novels that I want to pass on, as well, but it wasn't worth trying to list those on Amazon. So I might give e-bay a try. Then it's off to Half-Priced books they go (if they don't sell, which is a little riskier with e-bay because you have to pay a small fee for listing, even if they don't sell).

In other news, I think I may have caught that cold that's been going around. Mild but distinct sore throat yesterday and exhaustion today. I'm going to be mostly quiet and restful today, drinking Airborn and orange juice (can you OD on vitamin C?) to see if I can nip it in the bud. I do, of course, have the post office to go to send my books off to 3 lucky purchasers!

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Aravis said...

Congratulations on selling those books, and good luck with the rest!

I felt like I was coming down with a cold for a couple of days but it seems to have passed. Regarding the Vitamin C, look at it this way: at least you won't get scurvy! *G*