Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Weekend Update

I started out the weekend feeling like I might be getting sick. I spent most of Friday in bed and drinking a lot of Airborn and orange juice. It seems to have done the trick. I felt much better when I woke on Saturday.

I met up with S & SS on Saturday evening. We went to dinner at Francesco's where we got to watch the cooks cook, and have Ceasar salad prepared at our tableside. The waitress we get there has probably been there forever and she's really funny.

We headed over to the Oakland Colloseum. I had no idea, until S handed me my ticket, what we were going to see. It was Motocross! Now, in the scope of Xtreme sports, motocross is not my number one choice, but it's still very exciting to see in person. The downside to it was that you are in an enclosed space seated above the participants, so all the smoke from the motorcycles and the burnt rubber kind of gives you a headache. Still it was fun to watch. It was also pretty amusing because when we left I had to note that the traffic out of the parking lot was much more orderly than it had been when we went to the same place for Disney on Ice. You'd have thought the opposite would be true.

I had a really hard time sleeping that night. We are back to 3 in a bed. I know that I can get used to it, but it takes a bit. And I had the added issue of my right shoulder, neck and jaw being in a lot of discomfort. I couldn't find a way to lay that was comfortable...that had more to do with not having my body pillow than the space, I'm pretty sure. I finally asked S for some ibuprofen and he heated up a buckwheat thing for me to lay against my shoulder. That was lovely.

Yesterday morning, we woke up. Both SS & I greeted S with "Gung Hay Fat Choy!" And since our enthusiasm seemed to be focused on the New Year, we headed out to the Oakland Museum of CA for their Chinese New Year celebrations. We got to see 2 different dragon dances! I made a lovely good luck bracelet. We went to a Japanese tea ceremony. The main guest at the ceremony was Yoshi (for those in the Bay Area this is THE Yoshi of jazz club and restaurant fame). She answered questions afterwards and was very sweet.

After the celebrations, we headed to Jack London Square. There was some guy playing jazz outside, so SS did her best rendition of jazz hula, while I did my best jazz bellydance. It was a lot of fun. (Jazz seems to work quite well with both, actually.) Then it was off to, you guessed it, Yoshi's for fabulous Japanese food.

I was tired by the end of the day. I was also pretty upset about the fact that I had to work today...a federal holiday! I even had a bit of a weeping session about it at home, later. It kind of carried over into this morning - driving to work while the only other people out were walking their dogs or having a nice early bike ride. But then I had a little reality check: Hippy Chick posted a blog today that she had been wrangling with plumbers all weekend and still their toilet wasn't working. I have to admit that I would rather work on a federal holiday, than to have my toilet not working and constant invasions of my space by plumbers. That just really sucks.

So I'm hoping that HC & LB get their toilet running smoothly again, and I'm going to take myself to lunch later with a trashy novel to keep my sanity.

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Aravis said...

The Chinese New Year sounds like so much fun, especially the dragons and Yoshi! And I hope HC & LB's plumbing problems are fixed soon. :0(