Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things that make you go pthththththz!

S' sister-in-law died yesterday (or late Sunday, I don't know which), but he is officially not in California for the rest of the week. I'm glad he will be with his family, but I always want to take care of my people when they are hurting. His being far away makes that a little bit more than challenging.

In other topics, I officially dislike the new "google account" log-in procedure with new blogger. It does not make up for having such a quick posting time.

I have a messy house - why does it do this to me every week?! - so will spend much time this weekend cleaning.

I hate the fact that it will take me 5 years and 5 months, at my current payment level, to pay off my existing high interest debt. That's a really, really long time.

I am really bummed about the fact that when the weather turns beautiful enough out for me to want to frolic, my allergies cause me to feel like I'm dragging heavy sandbags everywhere (fatigue makes everything heavy).


Hippy Chick said...

first, so sorry to hear about s's sister in law, even though it was expected, obviously it's still painful. no worries about weather, it's about to be cold/rainy for the next couple of days. and to your house, i say: bad house! can't you pick up after yourself so Spin doesn't have to? :) I'm here for ya, girlfriend!

Aravis said...

Sounds like a tough day. I'm so sorry to hear about S' SIL. :0(

Hyde said...

Is the weather already beautiful out there? Lucky you!

PS: I also hate the new log-in

shorty said...

My thoughts are with you, S and the families involved.

As far as the high interest credit, did you try calling to get interest rates lowered? I'm sure you have, but just my two cents : )

Take Care of you and let the cleaning take care of it's self.