Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here and there

I forgot to talk, yesterday, about my utterly successful Goodwill adventures on Sunday. I always seem to have good luck going thrift. I get great clothes (which I love to dig for), fabulous shoes (the Dansko clogs I'm wearing right now are one example), books, random gifts for people. You name it.

Lately, I feel like I've been pretty lucky with art. About a year and a half ago, I got a lovely original painting by a NM painter who's never gotten famous. Still, it's rather lovely and it was only $5. I got a print of a watercolor for probably about $4 which I just priced on the internet for $42 new. It's hanging above my computer now. I got another painting, clearly amateurish, but is in my mind quite compelling and dark. Then Sunday, I came across a beautiful handpainted piece of marble framed nicely. It is an Indian miniature, painted in the Mughal style. It's probably worth about $50, and I paid $6. It's currently displayed with a handcarved wooden figure of Odin. They somehow fit well together.

On Sunday, along with the art, I got a small frame in a cool leaf shape made of glass, another picture frame in the shape of a cat, a pair of sandals, a dress, a skirt, 3 tops, and a pair of pants. All of that for under $50. Sometimes, I'm amazed at the lovely things that people give away. Of course, there is a lot of stuff that looks lovely and needs a lot of help too. The dress, for instance, I brought it home and washed it and found that one of the button loops is now detached. It's a quick fix, but probably the reason the dress was discarded in the first place.

Except for my underwear and socks, everything I'm wearing today is secondhand. I like it that way.


Cody Bones said...

Have you ever tried the Buffalo Exchange? My sister swears by the one in Tucson, and I know they have a place out by you.

Aravis said...

Not secondhand... previously loved and now loved again. :0)

Lord Bargain said...


(he says, rather obviously)