Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My day

I had a fabulous time with SFBette last night. I always have the most interesting conversations with her. I went home after and watched television, then fell into bed.

This morning, I woke up but had a very hard time opening my eyes. Literally, my eyes were almost swollen shut. Gotta love allergies. I spent a full half hour on an internal conversation about whether I would take a mental health day or not.

I decided not and scrounged around before leaving for work, feeling kinda crappy. At work, I haven't felt much better. Fatigue, sinus pressure, and feeling of being always foggy. I finally gave in and drank some coffee this afternoon, which helped for about 2 hours.

I just got done making someone cry. Okay, I didn't make them cry, I just reflected what I was hearing, and that was enough. I actually think it was a good thing. This person is pretty isolated and hopefully this was a connection.

I leave work in about an hour and head out to aerobics. I wonder how I'll do feeling like I do. I'm optimistic that it will give me a burst of energy because then I'm headed over to see HippyChick and BeeDragon! Yay! It's been forever. They have a ficus that I've agreed to foster. Poor ficus. I wonder if there is a Plant Protective Service. If there is, someone might want to call and make a report on my behalf. I am know for my flagrant neglect of my plants.

S comes home tonight. I just left a message on his machine welcoming him back. I will be seeing him on Friday. I'm very excited.

Well, that's my day. Pray for a little less pollen on my behalf, if you will.

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Aravis said...

Yes, less pollen for you!

There really should be a Plant Protective Services, because you certainly aren't alone when it comes to abuse and neglect of these living things. A lot of us would be in trouble! *G*