Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Space

I joined MySpace because HippyChick has her blog there. You have to have a myspace account to view the blogs on myspace and I really wanted to read her blog. Beyond reading her blog, I really haven't done anything with that account.

But a strange phenomenon keeps happening. I keep getting friend requests. Perhaps not strange when it was coming from Flash or P'tit Loup's daughter, but today I got one from "Mel." I've never met Mel. I recently got one from some girl named "Tiffany," but again, I don't know "Tiffany."

I have a picture and I think some brief statement about me on there, but I don't have a blog and I only have a few friends on there. So it's strange that someone would just out of the blue ask to be my friend.

I understand it a little better with the blog. People can read my words and they can get to know me before commenting...or they don't even need to interact. But to just randomly choose a stranger based on a picture and nothing else is a bit weird.

Although the thought did occur to me that perhaps it's a bit like internet dating and these people are casting their nets very wide to meet people. "Mel" after all is a Bay Area man and all his "friends" appear to be women, so maybe for him it is a new form of internet dating?

Very strange.


Lord Bargain said...

Mel's alright. I wasn't so keen on Tiffany, though (for the record).

Aravis said...

Really LB? I thought she was brilliant...