Friday, March 02, 2007

These little earthquakes

So, it's not bad enough that we have the San Andreas, Hayward, and Calveras Creek faults all within a 20 mile radius of one another. We also have to worry about the "little" faults in the area that occassionally decide to shift.

And one did last night. 4.2 magnitude, but it felt much worse, perhaps because it lasted for more than just a couple seconds. This is the second earthquake I've felt in the past week (there was also one on the Hayward fault last week, a 3.5). I felt one of the little tiny aftershocks of this one, too.

For some reason, this one freaked me out. I think because it lasted long enough for me to try to think about what I should do to protect myself. I had a total adrenaline rush.

I told the Hayward fault, after it happened and before I realized it wasn't to blame, that it really didn't need to do that. I don't suppose that admonishing geologic processes is very helpful.

On a funnier note, go over to Smart Bitches and watch the "What What" video!


Hippy Chick said...

LB and I experienced it like you did too, the extended shaking and vibration and little aftershock, scary! i'm wondering if these have contributed to our sewer line breakages which we just found out will cost us, are you ready? $8450! it sort of makes me laugh (or cry or vomit or pee myself) that i thought my tax refund was gonna cover it - oy! i'm trying to calm down enough to start my online ceu's...

Cody Bones said...

$8450?? Hippy Chick, I think you might need a second opinion

Aravis said...

It may not stop the geologic processes from happening, but if it makes you feel better then admonish away! Who knows? Maybe you can scold earthquakes into good behavior. Maybe it thinks it can bully people because it's so intimidating that nobody stands up to it. If you did, maybe it would stop.

Or not.