Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm sure that yesterday I thought of something to blog about, but this morning my mind is blank. I did think of something to talk about in therapy tomorrow. A really good topic, in fact. Of course, I'm reading this book I mentioned yesterday, which is awesome, and it's sparking lot's of ideas and thoughts. The difficulty with the book is that this guy was a serious psychoanalyst. So I literally feel like I'm slogging through the book sometimes.

I went to my aerobics class last night. It's a great class with most of the participants over 55. I feel so much less self-conscious than I would in a gym, although when I join a gym it's going to be the Y...lot's of different body shapes and abilities there, too.

Not much more to tell, I guess. I don't know what S has planned on Sunday for us. Tomorrow will be cleaning and reading and going to therapy. Saturday I see clients and will maybe bake some banana bread. Oh, and I have to do some writing while these ideas from this book are fresh in my mind.

Okay, then, if I think of what I thought about to blog last night, I'll be back.

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Aravis said...

The aerobics class sounds great. Good luck with your writing!