Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So many choices for the day

You could think of today as Valentine's Day...a crass, commercial holiday that preys on our deep desire to be loved and accepted by at least one person in this crazy world.

You could reinvent the day as Eve Ensler has done, calling it V Day and using it to call attention to violence that is perpetrated against women. Or as Sasha Cagen has done, calling it International Quirky Alone Day and celebrating the romance of not compromising for love.

Or you could think of today as Valentine's Day...a day to celebrate love in the many forms it takes. Today, I go for a picnic with my sweetie...then tonight S, SS & I will meet for an aerial dance class and dinner. It will be a lovely day with some of the people I love. But, forever, my favorite Valentine I have ever received will be a homemade card from my mother that said inside, "I fell in love with you the day you were born!"

I hope that today brings you love. And chocolate. Although, love's the most important piece. And chocolate.

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Aravis said...

What a beautiful Valentine from your mother! I hope your day was filled with love in its many forms. :0)