Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'll take "sounds in the night" for $800, Alex.

Coin scarf - Last night was my belly dance class. I really like my teacher,
Freyja. I also feel good about picking things up in there. I really need to work on my "snake arms," but I've got the shimmy down pretty good.

Breaking Glass - You may remember several months ago, I wrote about the building next to mine being broken into. Well it happened again last night. Loud breaking glass and lot's more, then neighbors and police talking. I was too freaked out to go outside. I hate that. I sometimes feel frozen. Last night I was feeling really unsafe in my apartment. This morning I feel better. Tired, but better.

I did put together a CV last night for an application for an insurance panel, so I can see people on Blue Shield in my private practice. That's exciting. Tonight, I work more on my workshop for clinicians - a short version of which I'll be presenting to some interns on Thursday. Yay!

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Aravis said...

I hate snake arms; it's so tiring! But my arms could use the exercise, so snake arms it is. I'm so glad you're having fun with this!

And I'm so sorry that you're feeling afraid in your home. I hope it doesn't happen again; you should feel safe. *hug*

Finally, good luck with the insurance thing. Go Spins!