Monday, February 12, 2007

Mixed bag

I'm feeling fuzzy. It's been rainy and cloudy and, even though I'm glad because we need the rain, the lack of sunlight really does effect my mood. So I feel like I'm having a hard time pinpointing where I'm at today.

Overall, things are good. I had a very lovely weekend with S. We met on Friday, and I made dinner for us. I get a little nervous cooking for him, as SS often cooks and she's an awesome cook. I cook well, but especially cooking meat, I'm not as comfortable with. Anyway, it was fine. A good choice of meals, I think.

Saturday, I picked him up from his workshop and we went to the Berkeley Marina to walk. We took some of the back trails and had a lovely time watching the view. We went running headlong down a hill at one point. Sunday, we had a leisurely morning, then we went to the Lawrence Hall of Science. We got to play with the different displays and watch people do tightrope walking (there was a circus exhibit). Then we headed for a viewing of Flock of Dodos, a documentary about the debate over inclusion of Intelligent Design. It was really well done and a good discussion ensued.

We went for a hike after that, making up stories as we went. Then to dinner and back home.

It was a little strange to find that S was sore after his workshop. I know that this makes sense, but I always think of him as so active and strong that I don't imagine him having aches and pains.

I went home last night and got good rest, but I just didn't want to get up today. Hippy Chick posted a blog yesterday which mentioned that she has a 3 day weekend coming up. Now I understand why it is that we don't have all the same holidays as everyone else...dialysis has to happen, regardless of what day it is, but the stretch of no days off from New Year's to Memorial Day is absolutely excruciating. That's probably contributing to my fuzziness, as well.

I do have belly dancing tonight!


Hippy Chick said...

that means you just need to take a once-a-month mental health day till May :)

shorty said...

Don't you have Easter off? Good Friday is April 6th this year!