Friday, March 16, 2007


So S & SS & I are going to some event on Saturday night. I don't know what it is and it's making me a bit batty. Here's what I know about it: S told me that he was trying to get tickets to something weird for Saturday night. Then I get an e-mail saying that we have plans for that evening and I should dress fetish/sexy. I can sometimes figure enough out to know what type of event it is...there was also the clue to wear green, but it's not really a clue since it is St Paddy's day.

Anyway, I've got the outfit all ready. Black boots with buckles, short black skirt, and black corset. No green, you say? I know!

I thought it would be a simple thing to find something green to wear with the outfit. Just go to Wahlgreen's, I thought, or if that fails a trip to the big Long's Drugs will surely find me a suitable something to accessorize my outfit. There was nada at the Wahlgreen's, and, while there were FOUR aisles of Easter things (that's a month away people!) at Long's, there was one little tiny box of St Paddy's day accoutrement. And they sucked. *Sigh*

So I'll have to wander to Joanne Fabrics and hope I can get lucky there on Saturday. I really want something boa-like in green. It would be the perfect compliment for the outfit.


zumruduanka said...

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hammer said...

i saw this girl wearing deep green tights with boots and a skirt the other day. that might work for you, no?

sfbette said...

i'm working in the mission today...if you need a buddy to stop by the Castro shops for a quick look for a bit o' the green...let me know!

and, damn! i want to go where you're going on saturday!!! i can't wait to hear about what adventures the evening holds!

Aravis said...

I hope you find the perfect green accessory and have a great time tomorrow night!

Charby said...

can you not just get a white boa and dye it green?