Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend in review

So Friday afternoon, I met up with S and we went to the Piedmont Birdcalling Contest. It's basically a student variety show/birdcalling contest. The students had to put together acts which described the bird, then incorporate the bird call into the skit. It was pretty interesting, although S tells me that last year was better.

Had an early dinner and went to bed early.

Saturday, I saw clients in the morning, then went shopping for green. I ended up getting two things to clip to my corset that had shamrocks on them. I took a nap, then went to meet S & SS for our evening adventure.

We had dinner at Garcon. It was okay. I, actually, enjoyed the appetizers better than the main meals (S & SS & I share our meals when we go out, so we all get to taste all the food). We had a lovely pineapple sorbet for desert.

Then we walked to the venue for the show. First an aside: I was wearing high heeled boots that night. I'm not used to wearing high heels...let's just say that I need more practice.

So...the venue is called Mission Control. It's a private sex club in the SF's mission district. We were there to see a group called The Wet Spots. They were hysterical. It was so much fun. We headed out after the show with no additional "partying" at the club.

It was a late night and we had plans in the morning, so I didn't get enough sleep. It made Sunday a difficult day for me. I felt cranky and irritable all day. And that sucks because we headed to Dublin (yes, Dublin, CA) for their St Patrick's Weekend festival. Lot's of little girls dancing Irish dances, Irish bands, and almost no Irish food. That was very odd. We got to wander the craft booths, which was fun. I developed a headache early on, I think because we didn't eat anything until after we got to the festival.

We then went for a walk at a park that was created out of a quarry. Some parts of it were really not very interesting, but we did get to see some cool stuff...a blue heron flying behind some trees which reminded us all of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, turtles sunning themselves on a fallen limb, and a Velvet Ant (which isn't really an ant, but the female of a species of wasp).

We then went to downtown Pleasanton. It's a very different place to wander around than the part of the Bay Area that I live in. Mostly white, mostly wealthy and pretty traditional. Saturday night we had been in a venue where no one gave us looks for the three of us holding hands or cuddling. But out on Sunday, we got lot's of strange looks. In fact, we played the hand game on the street (I'll describe it this time - you put your right hand behind your back facing out, then you use your left hand to try to tag other players' right hands while having few tags on your hand), and got fewer looks than when we were just walking along holding hands. Blech!

The good part of the journey to Pleasanton was that I got to have a rootbeer float after wandering around.

Last night was a quiet night in which very little got accomplished. Tonight, I get to hang out with Hippy Chick and have some girl time before belly dance class.


Aravis said...

For the most part it sounds fun and relaxing. The hand game sounds light-hearted and fun. :0)

hammer said...

Wet Spots is kind of a gross name for a band. What was the kink-club like? Were people having sex while watching the band? Curious...>!