Monday, April 23, 2007


Where was I? I think I may have left you all on Friday. I met up with S that night. We had dinner at Shen Hua (nummy Chinese food), then headed to the Julia Morgan Theater. It used to be St John's Presbyterian Church and was designed by Julia Morgan, but when the church moved it was turned into a theater. The place is beautiful, although needs a little renovation.

We were there for the showcase performance for Movement, which is a CAL student dance performance group (or group of groups). They practice all year, mostly on Sproul Plaza, then they hold this showcase. All the performers and choreographers are students. There was only one problem with our plan for the evening: no tickets.

So S made a sign and we waved it about. We kept getting sympathetic and sad looks from people...we even got a couple of "good lucks!" Finally, one young woman came rushing out of the theater with one ticket. We bought it, hoping it wouldn't be the last...and as luck would have it, a young man walking by declared, "I have an extra, but it's just one." We had our tickets and were there early, so got really good seats.

It was fun. I think my biggest issue is that a few of the performances featured too many dancers with too many choreographed differences. It felt too big to watch sometimes.

S spent the night at my house. It's always lovely to sleep in my bed with him. We got up early to go take a Breema class. Breema is a form of bodywork. I probably wouldn't know as much about it if I didn't live right next door to the Breema Center and have a boyfriend who has taken several classes there. It was really fascinating. They have self-Breema and Breema you perform on someone else. I preferred the partnered version.

We met up with SS after the class, and went to an old Mexican restaurant in Oakland, the Mexicali Rose. It was nummy food, but way more than I should have eaten because I was soon very sleepy. We had a little bit of time before we needed to be at our next adventure, so I parked in the parking lot of Michael's in Emeryville. SS & I took a little nap while S went out exploring.

It was helpful to nap, but then when we got to the next adventure, I was a little unimpressed initially. We were at an exhibition of the Kinetic Steam Works. It was a cool experience, seeing different things that were being created using steam engines. I got to ride a swing ride. It's a little hard for me to describe. I liked watching the people as much as the stuff.

We wandered around for a bit after that, then we had dinner at a restaurant called Coriya in the Pacific East Mall. It's a Chinese hotpot restaurant. They have hot pots with a grilling surface around it in the middle of the table. Then there are buffets of raw food (meat, seafood, veggies and sauces and spices). We cooked up quite a feast.

In a food coma, we stumbled back to my house and watched The Full Monty. S had never seen it, so it was fun to watch him enjoy it for the first time. We slept in my bed that night. We were all a bit squirmy, and eventually, S got out of bed to lay on the floor.

I made matzohbrei for everyone that morning. S walked me through it. It was nummy...I think I might like cheese with it, if I make it for myself. S & SS headed out that afternoon for a dance performance.

I spent the rest of the day luxuriating. I took a lovely walk, a nap, and read a book for the rest of the day. Very nice.

Just an FYI, this week is National Dance Week. In the Bay Area there are a bunch of different performances and classes that are being offered free throughout the week. If you like dance, google for what might be going on in your area.

Have a good Monday, all!


hammer said...

what is breema?

spinsterwitch said...

I'm not an expert and I haven't read the little packet of info. My understanding is that it is a form of bodywork.

You can get more info at

Cody Bones said...

Sounds like a great weekend

Aravis said...

There's always so much for you to do and see there; I love reading about your explorations. You're so open to new experiences, and it's fun to read. :0)