Friday, April 20, 2007

It's no secret

Yesterday, while I ate lunch, I stuck in the DVD my co-worker had lent me of The Secret. For those of you who may have gone into hibernation, The Secret is a book that it appears that many are reading and learning about the "Law of Attraction." I had gotten into a discussion with my co-worker about it and she had agreed to lend me the video.

It's a fascinating video and very well put together. But, let's be honest, this stuff is no secret. I don't know why it's being presented as such. I've known about these ideas for years. I would pass this off as just living in California, if I hadn't read a book about it years ago in DC (not a bastian of woo-woo New Age ideas).

I agree with some of the ideas, but I chafe at the idea that one is responsible for attracting all bad things that happen in your life. I can't believe that a tsunami which took everyone by surprise could really be anyone's fault. And I have a hard time that cancers or other illnesses that strike people in their prime (who aren't thinking about them or worried about them) are the result of attracting the cancer to you. God knows, if this were literally true, then everyone who works in dialysis would end up on dialysis...and it just doesn't happen.

I also worry about the idea that one can attract things in the world and it can all be wonderful. My training as a witch tells me that you need to be careful what energy you put out in a spell because it can come back to you in ways you don't expect. And essentially what they are teaching is spellwork.

I do think it is a powerful thing to put out your intent for a thing into the world, but always know that you may not like the way that the universe rearranges to give you what you want.

On another topic: I went with S last night to see a presentation of Al Gore's slide show on global warming. It was presented by different presenters, but was interesting. I just can't understand how it is that people can deny what's happening when huge glaciers are melting before our eyes.

My conversation with S afterwards was frustrating though. I shared with him how hopeless I feel about this. I mean, how much can I really do as one person when it's the entire world we are talking about. After being challenged by S to think differently, he finally asked, "Where do you feel empowered in your life?"

It was shocking to think about and find that there are very few places that I feel truly empowered. He pointed out that there are small things that I can do that do make a difference, even if the impact is not something we see immediately. I agree with him, but the scope of the thing still makes me feel somewhat paralyzed. I don't know what to do about that.

Okay, then, now that I've depressed everyone. I've got to go get dressed and do some grocery shopping.


Hippy Chick said...

LB hosts a site where people are really into The Secret - if u look on their website, they want you to buy these materials for $2000 then get other people to do so - basically a pyramid scheme - there's even a picture of a pyramid on the website!

P'tit-Loup said...

HaHa! I guess someone found a way to get their wishes to happen! For me, it sounds just like another blame the victim with a not so "new twist." I agree that sending positive energy brings some positive in your life, if only by the fact that you will feel more positive, but like you Spin, I doubt that I "cosmically," or otherwise, worked at developing allergies and the making of a car accident. In general, I think that most folks want hope and this is just another way to sell it to them.

P'tit-Loup said...

Curious as I am, I had to go and explore some of the websites mentionned by HC above. The "official" website cites some famous folks who allegedly possessed the "secret" and used it to achieve fame. One of the examples is Beethoven. While is fame and talent are not in question, I believe he was actually very miserable during his life. Beethoven became deaf and could not hear his own creations. He is always portrayed as a rather unhappy person, quarreling with his family and contemplating suicide periodically. Not quite what I aspire for my life.

hammer said...

i was recently talking about The Secret with Hyde. I think that it's a good reminder to try and push forward, but like you say, it's not really a secret. i think that the entire practice of philosophy, for example, is a way that individuals have tried to will their way into something, or explore the limits of their will. "The Secret" just puts it out there for all to see.

PS: I understand that Pyramid Schemes are a bad thing, but I don't get why. Does anyone know?

Hippy Chick said...

This is the website I looked at when looking into The Secret, which gives good info:

Hippy Chick said...

oops, there should be "tm" at the end of that link...

Hippy Chick said...

arg, stupid blogger,
the last bit is: pyrdalrt.shtm

spinsterwitch said...

A pyramid scheme is a scam in which the originators recruit people to join by paying money into the system. Ostensibly, the participant is guaranteed a return on their money within a certain amount of time, or are promised a particular product which never materializes.

The problem with pyramid schemes is that it is hard to sustain. My parents were in Amway (labeled as a multi-layer corporate structure), which while legit because it does sell products (and holds that as it's primary business) it too runs on the idea that you need a large base of people to sustain the financial well-being of everyone "upline" from them.

Aravis said...

I haven't read The Secret, but I have seen it featured on talk shows. I tend to agree with you, feeling a bit leery. I think that if I approach life with a positive attitude, it may effect the way in which I handle things and the outcome may be better. But not necessarily so. Same with negative. If I look or act negatively at something, I can effect it with my bad attitude, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the outcome will be bad despite my lousy attitude.

I don't think I'll invest any time or energy on The Secret.

I like that S encouraged you to look for ways in which you feel empowered, and the epiphany it brought you. The Big Picture to me is always overwhelming. But I can do the little things like switch to energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. We support Green energy through our power company, carpool whenever we're able, etc. If you go to the Inconvenient Truth website, there's a link there providing many ideas on how to do your part in your own way.

So we can't save the world. We can clean up our own little corner of it. :0)