Saturday, April 14, 2007

I like shopping

I got a nice suprise reimbursement from my insurance this week. This is wonderful because it means that I can pay my business expenses this month, and I was able to go out to buy needed gear for my hiking and camping trip next weekend without putting it on credit!

I also got to apply some additional money to the credit card to pay down some of the car expenses from the replacement of my radiator. Yay!

So what did I get? I got a fleecy pullover & jacket, a cool orange, non-cotton t-shirt, 2 pairs of hiking socks (lightweight), a rain jacket, a Nalgene water bottle, a compressible pillow, a pack towel, some shoelaces & gromets (so I can make a string for my hat), and a walking pack with a small pouch and a water bottle holder (it goes on the side of my hip - I am resistant to the fanny-pack).

I also went to my favorite consignment store and bought 2 dresses and a fun nightgown.

I like shopping - in particular I like shopping either in secondhand stores or in the clearance section of stores. Of the things above, not a lot was on sale, but the fleecy jacket I did find secondhand, the fleecy pullover and rainjacket I got for cheap. As I had anticipated that these would be my higher end items, it was a lovely experience.

I'm off to the theater tonight with S, then we do a "practice" hike with full packs tomorrow. I think he wants to make sure I won't die.


Hippy Chick said...

The title of your blog shows why you and I are such good friends :) cool that you got some extra bucks to get all that stuff. and you are not allowed to die. :)

hammer said...

what's wrong with cotton shirts? (just curious)-- congrats on the boost!

spinsterwitch said...

Cotton shirts are just fine, normally, but they are not appropriate for the serious hiking in which rain might be an element. It takes to long to dry when it becomes wet. Except for my undies, my socks & my boots, everything else I'll be wearing was originally born in an oil field.

Aravis said...

What fun! I hope you're still alive after your practice hike, and that you have a blast on the camping trip.

hammer said...

Thanks for your answer. It's totally pouring here today. I hope the weather's not bad there for your hike!