Monday, April 30, 2007


If you are having a bad Monday, consider the plight of the driver who, early yesterday morning, crashed the fuel tanker he was driving into the siderail on a busy section of freeway causing a fire which melted the overpass above it and collapsed it to the road below.

He survived, which may be the best thing to come out of it for him, but when this afternoon commute begins, I have no doubt that he will be the most reviled person in the Bay Area. I'll be thinking good thoughts of him this afternoon.

Other than the exciting news that a major artery of an already congested highway system is temporarily out of order, the rest of my weekend was pretty quiet and lovely.

I spent Sunday with S & SS. We cooked and listened to Prairie Home Companion together. Then we went to Lafayette for an adventure...we stopped at a quilting store to look at fabric, then we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, then we headed to a Presbyterian church for a handbell ensemble performance. It was wonderful. They played American tunes and also so wonderful Japanese pieces. The bonus was that there is a labrynth just outside the church. The three of us walked the labrynth together.

Okay, I'm off to get something done today.


hammer said...

you guys always partake in the most eccentric and varied of activities! sounds fun. how do you come up with such a variety of things to do? Read through the local paper or Time Out magazine?

spinsterwitch said...

S & SS know a lot of different activities from past adventures. I'll suggest things sometimes, but mostly those two are the brainchildren of the activity front.

Sometimes I feel a little bit like a wide-eyed kid with all the new things I get to go to. It's fun!