Saturday, April 28, 2007

You know you're close to someone when...

They share pictures of their colon with you!

S had to have a colonoscopy...nothing bad is happening, in fact, his colon is the picture of health. We all get to go through this right of passage some time.

The thing about the procedure is that they sedate you, so you need a "responsible adult" who will drive you home afterwards and keep tabs on you for the next 24 hours. That was me.

I waited in the office during his procedure, then signed the form saying I would be taking him home. We sat for a few minutes in the lobby because he was feeling a little wobbly, then as we got up to go the receptionist asked if I'd signed him out. S said, "no." And I said, "yes, I did." S looked at me and said, "you did?" Ah, yes, the fun I could have had with him if I'd been a different type of woman! But really, it's no fun to mess with someone who isn't capable of understanding that you are messing with them.

S napped and was very tired for most of the day. I did my best to hover unobtrusively. He was really physically affectionate. It was very sweet.

Today has been hot! I'm not ready for hot. Really, I rather like mildly warm with a breeze. Can we have that back?

I have to go take out the trash now, it smells.

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hammer said...

hope he's feeling better