Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Are you hungry?

I have been having the odd experience of nausea followed by intense hunger lately. It's the medication that I'm taking (and have a call in to the MD about), I know, but it is very strange.

That book, again, has me thinking about how it is that we experience hunger and satiety. I'd never really thought about it systematically before, but now I'm wondering if we don't all feel hunger differently.

My friend, once again ExecutiveDirector, and I used to get together for dinner quite often. I would call in the late afternoon and discuss when we should meet and where, and she would sometimes say things like, "Well, I haven't really eaten lunch today, so I'm pretty hungry" or "I didn't eat lunch until 3 so let's wait until later." Now, I don't know about you all, but lunch is not a meal my body is keen on forgetting. I can eat breakfast late, but lunch better be at a specific time or I'm going to hear about it. I not only experience feelings of hunger, but if I delay eating for too long I get the classic low blood sugar symptoms.

It's very bizarre to me that our bodies will react so differently to the lack of food. I had a roommate who would get home at about 5 p.m. and, even though she would eat lunch about the same time as I did during the day, would be ravenous and have to "snack." Her reaction seemed very similar to what I experience around lunch.

There's no profound revelations, just a musing I guess about how our bodies prefer us to eat.


Aravis said...

I can miss breakfast and/or sometimes lunch if I'm busy. But not usually both. I'm more apt to miss breakfast and have a slightly larger lunch.

I never miss dinner! *G*

j. said...

When I'm working, I have to commute...which means early breakfast at home. I am starving by lunch, and then I have to pack a snack for the drive home or I get the low energy hunger symptoms during my dinner time commute.