Thursday, May 31, 2007


My MD told me to stop taking the med that's making me so sick...about the time that I'd decided I would be stopping anyway. She wants me to wait awhile, then restart at half the dose. So we'll see if that's a bit less stressful on my system.

In the midst of feeling ookie, S has been stopping by to visit me. Normally, when I'm sick, he stays away because he doesn't want to catch what I've got. But since I'm not infectious, he's stopped by to talk and cuddle and tuck me in bed.

It feels lovely. It's been helpful to keep my mood up (which reached a low point while drinking Pedialyte yesterday - that stuff is foul!). He is such a lovely man.

I already feel a bit better. I started my antihistamines again, so in a couple of days, I should be back to my normal self. Yay!


Cody Bones said...

Feel better soon

shorty said...

Instead of Pediolyte, you could try Gatorade, it gives you the same nutrients/electrolytes that the kid stuff does.

Feel better soon. Have a nice weekend.

Aravis said...

Hope the new dosage works. Feel better!