Monday, May 14, 2007


Has anyone seen Pan's Labrynth? I went with S on Saturday night to see it. It was not what I expected, although to be fair I didn't have much preconceived thoughts about it. Still, it is not a lighthearted film. I think what was so disconcerting was the juxtaposition of real world violence and cruelty with this fantasy realm (which is also not all nicey-nice, but still it's fantasy).

Yesterday, S and I played tourist for part of our day. We took the ferry to SF, then toured a WWII submarine. Then it was off to take a cable car ride. It's the first I've taken since I lived in the Bay Area.

Then we had the non-tourist activity...The 6th Hood Games in San Francisco. Apparently, they do this in different neighborhoods every year. Last year it was in Oakland, and this year it was in the Tenderloin. They had a stage at one end of the block with lot's of hip hop performed by students. The rest of the block was one long skate park with lots of different things set up. There were a ton of skate kids (young and not so young) zooming through these things. It was a little dizzying and hard to know what to concentrate on. But it was also totally cool to see.

So here were all these skate kids and some of their parents and friends, then a few vendors handing out free stuff. And then there were the Tenderloin residents. It's a rough area. Mostly street people and folks with rock bottom addictions who live on the street or in SRO hotels in the area. It was a strange, strange mix of people.

It was a lot of walking and standing yesterday. Kind of tiring, but I got these cool shoes that were ultra comfy! On another note, I love to wear skirts, but often have trouble with chafing (sorry if this is too much info). I thought this was only a large woman's problem, but I recently got suggestions from 2 thinner women which totally rocked. Chamois Butt'r - used by ultra serious bikers - works wonders. Very cool!

Okay, then, I'm off to continue working.


hammer said...

cool, cable cars!

Hyde said...

Yes, I saw Pan's Labrynth. I thought it was visually beautiful, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would overall. Oh-- and the fascist has the same name as someone I know...


j. said...

I know exactly what you are talking about with the chafing. It's not just a female thing either. My friends and I call it "Brandon rash" as one of my guy friends gets it every time we do anything that involves water and he ends up waddling around with his legs as far apart as possible.

And, to answer your question from Hen's place...Midwest Airlines has flights into Seattle, LA, San Diego, and San Fran, I know...