Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I woke up this morning about 5:15 a.m. and my brain started running about work. I wasn't aware, going to sleep, of having been worried about anything in particular at work, but clearly there was something for my anxiety to attach to.

There are clearly logical reasons to be anxious. The software program we have been using at this unit since I started (6 1/2 years) was disabled as of yesterday and new systems "go live" today. They have 3 different systems replacing the one we've used before, but I'm not the one deciding these things. On top of this, the manager that I have really appreciated having here is leaving in a week. No one new has been hired to take the position. My colleague will be reducing her direct service hours with our clients to do more supervision. We haven't yet hired another social worker to make up the additional hours, so I'm a little concerned about the ongoing mental health of myself and my colleague. And on top of that, I have agreed to do a CQI project that is much larger in scope than I had previously anticipated.

All of this is cause of anxiety definitely, but I wonder if there isn't a secondary issue. I talked a lot about the medication reaction that I was having last week. Well, diarrhea can decrease the absorbitive ability of your intestines. As this is the case, it occurred to me this morning that just perhaps I have not been getting the full effect of my anti-depressant for the past week or so. That sucks, and I hope it's true because I had really hoped that the days of waking up to obsessive thoughts of work were over.

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Aravis said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that you were feeling so anxious. It's such an incredibly unpleasant experience. I'm sorry, too, that work is so stressful. I hope it eases soon!