Thursday, June 14, 2007


That's apparently what my headaches are. Since exercising in the heat is a trigger, I was given the lovely advice of not exercising in the heat. Let's try to ignore the fact that it was only in the 70s when this happened. "Well, that's hot for you," she tells me.


Why is it that some people are more "warm-blooded" than others? S sleeps with a hoody every night. HippyChick is always saying that she's cold and telling me to put on a jacket when I feel comfortable. Why is this? Why have I been so blessed?

Nothing more to say today. I'm feeling a bit discouraged.


Charby said...

i think im always warm, even in winter i like to have the heating off and a window open.
people in work worry about me cos i work on the courtyyard without a jacket or coat and they claim they can see me turning blue, even though i feel fine!

Hyde said...

I'm always warm too... I HATE the summer and hate the feeling of sweating... You're not the only one!