Friday, June 15, 2007

Odds and ends

I went swimming last night with S. I finally got the hang of breathing with the snorkel and I was able to swim a quarter mile! Yay!

We stopped at Wahlgreen's last night and I saw the advertisements up for Alli, the previously known as Xenical dressed up and conveniently over the counter. Apparently, the company is not listing any side-effects, just "treatment effects." These would include the possibility of oily leakage, gas, diarrhea and malabsorption of essential vitamins. The company apparently recommends that people bring additional pairs of underwear with them, in case there is a messy accident (my words, obviously).

Luckily, the FDA has gone ahead and nixed another diet pill this week. This one had the rather unfortunate side-effects (or should that be "treatment effects?") of causing it's users to become majorly depressed, and in a number of cases suicidal. I guess this one proves the old adage wrong: If your thin you won't be happy.

Seriously, though, why do people go through things like this. It's bad enough that we force ourselves to starve on a regular basis, and beat up on our bodies, and have serious judgement about other people's bodies, but do we really want to risk gastrointestinal distress or suicide to be thin? Sadly, at least in the first case, it's a resounding yes. Alli is selling like hotcakes.

I'm going to keep eating the way I eat, I've decided, and focus on being "healthy" by getting exercise, enough rest, drinking lots of water and having as much sex as is humanly possible.

Have a good weekend, all!


Planet Me said... has a post about this drug, at least, I think it does

Gladys Cortez said...

I do not think that I could take ANY substance, no matter HOW beneficial, if the words "oily leakage" were used anywhere on the label in that context. It was the same a few years back with Olestra--remember the "miracle" fat substitute? "So what if I soil myself...I can snorfle down all the Ruffles I want, and not get fat!!" I mean, seriously--does ANYONE need a potato chip SO badly that, given a choice between "not eating chips" and "messing one's drawers", they'd have to stop and consider??? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be thin--but there are some lines II'm just not willing to cross to do it, and I'd have to say that "I can be thin, BUT...I'll occasionally poop myself without warning" would definitely be WELL on the wrong side of that line.

Charby said...

I love playing with snorkels!

Aravis said...

I prefer watching what I eat and getting some healthy exercise; I would never take diet drugs. It just isn't me.

You know, sex is supposed to be the best cardio workout, so have fun and the extra satisfaction of knowing that you're getting the best sort of exercise! *G*