Monday, June 25, 2007


So let me start at the beginning. S and I headed out together on Thursday evening. We had dinner, then went to the Chapel of the Chimes, a beautiful columbarium that was originally designed by Julia Morgan. I love going there as it is usually so peacefull and lovely. Well, that night it was filled with people.

They were hosting a Modern* Music festival. Now, for those who don't know, Mondern Music is not Arctic Monkeys & Green Day, it's an eclectic mix of discordance and disrhythm. Some of it was quite haunting and beautiful, but about mid way through, in a section of the columbarium with vaulted ceilings that seem to create echoes I was caught in between the chaos of one performance and the chaos of another. As I'm somewhat assaulted by noise all day at the dialysis center, this suddenly felt like too much, and S led me off to find something a little more soothing.

It was fascinating, though I don't think that I could call myself a fan, at this point. Modern Music - what will these kids think of next!

Friday...I met with a friend for breakfast and got the call asking me to come interview this week. I was overjoyed...and also became one of those annoying people who make and take cell calls in a restaurant.

I met up with S & SS that night and we headed to a coffee house which on Friday nights turns into a Persian restaurant. The food was wonderful. S & I had the dolmas, while SS passed on them. This turned out to be wise on her part. After dinner, we were off to the Chabot Space and Science Center. We got to be big kids, checking out all the exhibits and cool things to play with. Then we got to take part in a "mission" on a spacecraft. I was the navigator. It was cool! We saw a funkadelic sound and light show in the planetarium, then we wandered out to view various celestial bodies up at the observatory.

The three of us stumbled off to bed once we were home. I slept okay until the morning when I was hit with awful cramps, followed by diarrhea. Boy was my body pissed off about this. I cancelled clients, then went home and crawled in bed for the rest of the day.

That night, feeling a little better, I went over to snuggle with S and slept pretty well.

Sunday a.m., we lazed about in bed for longer than we needed to. I don't sleep late, really, so I was just daydreaming about getting a new job. But then it was up and off to the fun adventure of the day: the Alameda County Fair!

We saw the Wiener Nationals, a series of dog races for wiener dogs (and other short breeds). The races were hysterical. Most of the dogs just left the gate and ran around to find their owners. Still it was so much fun. We also got to see a frisbee dog demonstration, take a tour of the animal barns and see the lambs and piglets that had just been born, enjoy some kid tractor pulls, and just generally enjoy people watching. It was fun! Although I really wanted to eat funnel cake and S was fairly strict about no funnel cake. Something about how our stomachs needed a rest...yadayada. There's nothing better for the stomach than fried dough with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, I say!

So that brings me to last night. S and I had a good talk, ate some dinner, then spent some time discussing strategy. S is a good coach and I really appreciate his input. He gets so emphatic sometimes that, now that I realize that this is passion, it is actually very sweet. He suggested that I try to remove the qualifiers that I use when I speak and to watch the "ums." Both of which are difficult, but he's right.

By the time I got home last night, I was wiped out. I slept really good.

*Correction: It was a New Music festival that you can read more about here.


hammer said...

Summer's the time for job-searching, it seems so many people I know are looking for jobs. I aM curious about your "modern music" evening. Is it like John Cage or something? or even worse?

Flash said...

By 'eck! They'll call anything music these days!

Cody Bones said...

I'm glad your feeling better.