Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I got it to work.

My eyes are dilated and blurry which is giving me a bit of a headache. But the good news is that whatever that thing is that was going on with my eye seems to be healing up well.

The bad news is that they took my blood pressure this morning and it was up. Of course, that was after the drops and the checking for pressure and the waiting and parking, etc. So color me not surprised.

NPR this morning had a piece on a website called Living XL. It was a good piece which talked about the lack of retailers for larger people. It's one of the amazing things to me in the midst of this "epidemic" that people who sell us stuff have not gotten hip to the fact that there is an untapped market out there.

Okay, I'm off to squint at people and papers and hope that my eyes undilate soon.

Addendum: My mood is crappy right now. I have a patient who is angry at me for something that I didn't do and have no control over. And this is not really a new thing. And I don't seem to be developing a thicker skin. I'm just exhausted by it.

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P'tit-Loup said...

Yes, the client who holds everyone accountable for their misfortune, or simple daily events. Sorry this one got to you. I tend to get doubly mad at myself for letting it get to me too. I think it's part of our work, and part of how we keep growing ourselves.