Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And so it goes...

I went to get blood drawn into these huge bottles last night for the blood culture. They were just bizarre. It's a good thing that I like the lab that I've been going to because I've been going there a lot lately. I have an appointment for the "other" doctor on Thursday. SS is going to go with me. She's a nurse, so if they have to talk to me about scary things with long names she'll be there to interpret for me (and remember if I disassociate a bit).

I was able to entertain some fantasies yesterday that I was getting better. Then I went home and had dinner and my fever spiked up to higher than it's been before.

I finished reading a wonderful book last night, Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics by Jennifer Baumgartner. Not only did she have a life that I would have loved (worked at Ms in the '90s, dated Amy Ray from the Indigo Girls...), she writes about what it has meant to identify as a bisexual woman in my generation. Sometimes, the book felt so familiar that I got a little creeped out. But overall it was like reading my experience (although all the Amy Ray dating for me was complete fantasy).

I've also been watching a lot of television. I watched Fat March last night. This is the second episode and I've been wanting to write a long post dissecting it over at Steatopygia, but I've been lacking the energy recently. Let me just say that I am both repelled and incredibly drawn to this show. Here are these people who everyone believes are lazy who have now walked 150 miles. It's empowering...until you remember that what's driving them isn't their belief and confidence in themselves, but the warped idea that they need to go to extremes to be acceptable in this society. The two people who won the challenge and got to hot tub together are fierce and gorgeous, and it made me sad that there are lot's of people who probably look at them and think they are ugly.

Okay, then. I need to get back to it.


Cody Bones said...

I hope they figure it out soon Spins, I'm thinking of you.

P'tit-Loup said...

Sorry your fever is back in full force! I have not watched Fat March, which chain is it on? I might want to see it. Although I must confess, I'm not big on reality shows. But then again, I could always be surprised.

Aravis said...

Like Cody, I hope they find the answer and get you well again soon. *hug*

I haven't watched Fat March, but it sounds interesting. My mother watched the pilot episode- I'm not sure if she's seen more of it or not- and enjoyed it; she admired the people for their bravery in taking it on, and for continuing the journey when they realized just how hard it would be.