Monday, August 13, 2007


So yesterday, after a few phone calls, I drove over to SS' place and we went shopping. It was a lovely outing. I was glad to get out of the house and just hang out somewhere that wasn't work. We went to Nordstrom's which, OMG!, has really nice clothes. I got a few pieces. It was a lovely experience.

We had lunch and stopped at Torrid, then the Sanrio store. There were the funnest pajamas at Sanrio. It was the typical pink Hello Kitty, but with a skull and crossbones motif. So the Hello Kitty head was the skull. It was hysterical.

We went back to SS' apartment and chatted for a bit, then I drove home and took a nap.

Not much more to tell. I spent most of last night watching TV. I talked to S on the phone which was nice. It sounds like he had a good weekend doing some hiking. He helped talk me down from some of my freak out.


Hippy Chick said...

So glad you had a good day and nice talk with S, too. Just remember to keep breathing, that the likely scenario is the simplest thing i.e. a long-lasting bug or wrong antibiotics. Of course you are going to feel freaked out but know that friends like me are sending you much love and good wishes and are here for you!

P'tit-Loup said...

I love the Sanrio store! They do have some very fun stuff. I hope it boost not just your spirit, but your body as well. You deserve to feel fine. Hope you bounce back soon.