Saturday, August 11, 2007

No news....

Thanks, everyone, for the well-wishes. I've consulted with my doctor by e-mail and I'm going in to have a blood culture on Monday. She's also referring me to a hematologist to rule out nastier things (and really don't look to find out what they do because I've already freaked myself out doing that, and I don't need you all freaked out unless it's necessary). The lyme results are at a different lab than does the "normal" blood work, so that's why that is not back.

It's strange because I think that I'm feeling better, and I keep hoping that this is just going to go away. But then I notice that I'm still feeling fatigued after taking a 2 hour nap this afternoon, or that walking to and from Long's Drugs today felt like a stretch, and I know that something's still in there keeping me feeling well.

SS and I have arranged to go shopping and to a movie tomorrow. I'm looking forward to an outing with her. I'm going to bring one of my barbie dolls with me dressed in a hula outfit because she's into hula and I'm into being silly.

Cody asked a good question about the bed S & SS & I share at times. Believe me, it is a cozy fit. SS & I are big girls and so it's a good thing that S is kinda thin. We definitely have to snuggle to sleep together. Believe it or not, they have both slept over at my apartment with me...all three in a full bed is not fun, but the advantage is that it's against the wall and I've gotten that side both times, so I know I won't fall out of bed.

I borrowed the 40 year old Virgin from the library, so I'm off to do some laugh therapy tonight.

I won't be online tomorrow, so you all have a good Sunday.

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Hyde said...

I haven't been by here for a while, but I hope you get your health problem all figured out! And I hope that shopping with the hula barbie was fun.