Friday, August 10, 2007

Keep your fingers crossed

I'm hoping to get the lab results back today. I'm still feeling yucky. I talked to S last night and we talked about how I should, perhaps, be talking to my doctor about getting a blood culture done. S suggested that I might be having a resurgance of symptoms because some antibiotics actually kill the bacteria which makes them lyce (or something like that...they basically split apart) and the immune system thinks that there are more bacteria and ramps up its response. But I looked up erythromycine and it's one of the antibiotics which inhibits growth and production of new no lycing.

So today I'm going to lay around a lot; do some laundry; go to therapy and whine about being sick; go to a meeting with my private practice suite-mates to discuss making our public areas more appealing; go to the library to get some videos and another Nora Roberts book; call my doctor and hope the lab results are back; then end my day by going to try out a bed.

That last part I should explain, I suppose. See, S is buying a new bed. It's going to be a king sized bed...I can't even begin to describe how excited that makes me. But S' current bed is in wonderful shape, so I'm tasked with sleeping on it (without the pillow top) to see if it is a fit for me and measuring to see if it (a queen instead of my current full) will fit for the apartment. I think I'll be making it fit. No offense to my current bed (traded to me for a futon couch by my beloved Hippy Chick), but if a comfy bed, and a European Sleepworks bed at that, comes my way for free then I'll be letting it go. I'm also going to be loading up a whole bunch of my dirty dishes into a box to take shameless advantage of his dishwasher.

Okay, then...I'll keep you all posted. I promise.


hippy chick said...

Hope the lab results are all good and that you get an upswing soon. That's awesome about the beds! Hang in there amiga...I'm sending you good healing energy!

shorty said...

How long have you had a key to his place?

spinsterwitch said...

Thanks HC. I'm just feeling increasingly frustrated with feeling sick. It really sucks.

Shorty - I've had a key to his place for about a year, and vice versa.

Aravis said...

I hope you get some conclusive results soon. How frustrating that must be for you!

Have fun taking advantage of the bed and the dishwasher. *G*

Cody Bones said...

First of all, I hope you feel better soon, and that your lab results are all good. Secondly, how have three adults managed to fit in a queen mattress? How did you, S, and SS manage to get a good nights sleep? Three on a queen sounds fine and dandy for the fun stuff, but sleeping must be tough. Feel better soon.

P'tit-Loup said...

Sorry your "bug" is still hanging around! Hope the tests show some way to get rid of it. One of my co-worker has been afflicted with a persistant infection too and is now starting a second course of antibiotic. Whatever you both have I am thankful that I have avoided it. Be well soon my dear. And enjoy the bed sampling!