Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm getting sick of this

I have a fever again this morning. I was feeling better yesterday. Actually sort of good. And I'm tired and achy and hot again today. I went and peed in a cup today. My labs aren't back. I'm just cranky about the whole thing.

I did rest last night, but perhaps I should have chosen a different movie to watch while I was resting. I watched Deliver Us From Evil about Oliver O'Grady, the priest who molested all those children, served 7 years and is now living free in Ireland. It was disturbing. He is pretty severely mentally ill and should be considered a danger to others.

So maybe that caused my fever. I did have very disturbing dreams, last night. I dreamt that I and some friends were running from these people who wanted to kill us. But it was like we were replaying a scene that we had done before, so I knew we all survived, but we were destined to relive it as it had happened, anyway. There was lots of guns and melting of people with lasers. Very odd.

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Charby said...

All my life I've had reaccuring dreams about people or things chasing me. It gets a bit disturbing really! Where's the variety!