Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Gnews with Gary Gnu

So I had 2 messages from my doctor last night when I got home. She said that she'd gotten my lab results and had figured out what was wrong. She called in a prescription for doxicycline which I started last night, then this morning she confirmed what I'd thought was the case earlier. I have Lyme Disease.

My doctor was shocked. She's never had a patient test positive for Lyme. It's actually fairly uncommon in this area. I guess I'm just lucky. Or maybe I just want to be like Aravis! Of course, I didn't get to have the fun telltale rash, so that made diagnosis a little slower than otherwise would be the case.

Luckily, this also means I have not been contagious to anyone around me, unless they happen to be a tick and I didn't know. Yay!

I know that Lyme can be a scary disease, but it seems like we are catching it early and the meds should knock it out. Besides, I've been entertaining notions of leukemia and myeloma, so I was probably the happiest person ever to get this diagnosis.

I still feel like crap, and may for several more days or even a week, but I'm on the road to wellness. That's the best part of it all.


Hyde said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you got it diagnosed and that it's not something worse. I really hope you start to feel better soon. It must have been horrible to be sick for so long without knowing why.


Cody Bones said...

I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis, and are on the road to recovery. I hope you feel better soon.

Hippy Chick said...

I promise I will tell you if I'm a tic ;)

Aravis said...

I'm so glad you know what's wrong. As you say, you may feel crappy for awhile, but there's no more of the scary "unknown."

You know, it's possible to be bitten and not know it, not show symptoms, until months later. You may have been bitten during one of your hikes or camping trips. Add a "tick check" from now on... it can be fun if you do it with S and SS! *G*

Anonymous said...

best best best wishes, Spins! I'm glad you got a quick diagnosis.
Does this mean you are exempted from hiking?


Charby said...

I'm glad you know what it is, but enlighten the rest of us that are too lazy to wikipedia it!!!

spinsterwitch said...

Charby - Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted through the "bite" of a tick. Of course, ticks don't really bite, per se. They bury their little heads into your flesh and feast on your blood for a day or two. Hideous creatures.

Different types of tick carry different diseases, but Lyme Disease is the most publicized in the US.