Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Update

Sorry to have left you all hanging for the rest of the weekend. My internet has been disconnected from my phone line, so that I can finally get the phone in my name. See, when my friend B moved out, we left the phone in her name because of annoyances with my DSL contract. Now I've gotten all that figured out and I should have a new number soon and reconnect the DSL.

I took off from work early on Thursday. I was feverish and exhausted and headachy. That's the last symptom in this whole thing...the headache. It morphed into a migraine on Friday, but the Imitrex kicked in and worked like a charm.

I overdid a bit on Saturday and Sunday. I'm having a bit more energy and I decided to use it all up apparently. Saturday, after clients, I went with SS to see Invasion. It was good and nice to have some more fun time with SS. On Sunday, I went to Goodwill for a whirlwind shopping trip. I took a break halfway through to go for a picnic lunch at the Berkeley Marina. It was a lovely and exhausting day.

I got to talk to S yesterday, and I'm so looking forward to his coming home. I miss him lot's and lot's.

One of the things that took up any spare time I had this weekend was reading a book about Freud. In particular, it was a book about Freud giving up his seduction theory (Assault on the Truth). It was really interesting. I've not read a lot of Freud because I generally get annoyed with his misogyny and a certain narcissism that just seems to be present in his ideas. I was left, after reading the book, with a feeling of both added respect for his genius and added disgust for his lack of insight. The misogyny...well, it was helpful to read more about predominant feelings at the time. He really wasn't much different in some of his thinking than most people at the time. Anyway, for anyone who is interested in trauma theories or Freud it is a good book to read.

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Aravis said...

It sounds like a good way to spend the weekend. :0)