Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Slow road

I spent the night at S' house last night. He wasn't there, so it was a bit odd. Still, I needed to try out the mattress (without the soft-top thing on it - because of course I've tried out the mattress at other times before!).

Just the act of taking off the soft-top and making the bed up again was exhausting. It's so frustrating. I have a diagnosis. I'm getting treatment. I should be better now! Yes, yes, I know it's been a month and I can't expect overnight results, but I want it now!

So, yeah, I'm trying to be patient with my body and recognize that it will need time to get all the pesky bacteria gone, and then time to rebuild stamina that was lost in a month of lying about. But it is so hard.


Hyde said...

Poor Spins! I'm sorry you've had a rough month. I am also trying to have patience while my body recovers and adjusts, so even though our situations are different, I'm sort of in it with you! I hope you are feeling stronger soon.


suburbanhen said...

But how was the soft top? I found my old one to be the Best Thing Ever.

suburbanhen said...
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spinsterwitch said...

The soft top is nice, but I like it without as well. I sometimes don't want it so soft.