Monday, September 24, 2007


That seems to have been the theme of my weekend.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day lounging around the house. I did do a little cleaning and make the aforementioned soup. Then I watched a documentary on Ben Franklin. The more I know about old Ben the more I love him. He had some issues with being a family man, but he was incredibly smart, diplomatic, and broad thinking. The diversity aspect comes in that he believed in supporting all different faiths. So he contributed, financially, to most of the houses of worship in Philadelphia. At his funeral, instead of just his minister leading the procession, all the ministers and a rabbi in the city lead the funeral procession. Quite a statement at such a time.

S spent the night on Saturday. He's been doing that quite a bit in the last week. He's had a lot of work done on his house and it just smells bad. He keeps trying to air it out. Usually, it's lovely when he stays over, but I was feverish and kept tossing and turning.

On Sunday, we went to a rally and march in protest against the arson at the Islamic Center of the East Bay about 6 weeks ago. We didn't march, but drove along to the Center, then went to the rally at Antioch high school afterwards. It was a wonderful experience. There were lot's of folks from different communities who attended. It was cool to see all the signs that the marchers left at the center to make it clear that a lot of people opposed the fire and the hate that motivated it.

We were hungry after the rally and found food for the soul at Little Manuel's Mexican and Italian Restaurant. You have to eat at a place like this just to say that you did. Again diversity at it's best. We started our meal with some tortilla chips and salsa, then ordered 2 servings of spaghetti and meatballs to share between the 3 of us (it was going to be a light dinner). The servings were HUGE, and the 3 of us managed to finish just one.

I don't recall if I'd mentioned my bad experience recently with spaghetti and meatballs. I'd been to a nice Italian place not far from my house and ordered their's to go. It was billed as a house specialty, so I was looking forward to the experience. It was incredibly disappointing. Bland meatballs, bland sauce. I can only imagine the chef was having a bad day. But at Little Manuel's...the spag was fabulous. If I could have eaten more, I would have. I got to take the leftovers home with me. Mmmm-mmm good.

We ended our evening with a drive up to Mt Diablo to watch the sun set on Mt Tamalpais. It was gorgeous and a wonderful way to celebrate the equinox.

How were your weekends, my lovelies?


Hippy Chick said...

Oh yes - Happy Fall Equinox. Boy September has been such a blur, can't believe it's almost October. Glad u had a good weekend - mine was full of relief and gratitude :) Bee's parents left last night, going to try and take it easy this week - Phil Lesh was fun, glad we got to some of it. Wed we have f/u appt w/biopsy doc and Fri night Planet Drum in berkeley although my co-worker may come instead of bee if she is tired. will talk to you soon amiga! sending you good thoughts...

Aravis said...

I love that you had that rally. I think that this country could use more of that sort of thing, and less hate all around.