Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Itty bitty walk

It's frustrating to me that I felt too tired to go on the march on Sunday. It was just under 2 miles and something that before I got sick, I could easily tackle. Although, I know that the Lyme wears me out, I also know that having been worn out for 2 months and not doing anything does nothing to contribute to my energy level.

I found myself laying in bed last night, thinking about work and feeling anxious. Again, when I was able to be more active, this wasn't as much a problem. But I don't have anywhere to put the energy that then translates into anxiety.

So, today at lunch, I took an itty bitty walk. It took about 15 minutes just now, and I'm tired by it, but it felt good to do. So I think that I need to think about itty bitty exercise. Moving my body in smaller increments than I am used to, at a slower pace than I am used to, but still moving my body on a regular basis.

It feels good to move my body...well, sometimes it makes me sore or out of breath, but generally my body likes to move. And I've been lucky in that none of the joint achiness has effected the joints of my hips or knees.

Getting done with the walk made me think about swimming again. Maybe it's time to take itty bitty swims...being in the water both times since I got sick felt so good.

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