Thursday, September 27, 2007

Strange days

The last couple of weeks have been particularly bad and last night, I developed a headache with my fever and called S crying. He came and spent the night which was nice. He's also coming with me to my doctor's appointment on Monday. Yay! Today, I have that sick feeling in my muscles again that tells my my temperature is high...and I've developed a pattern of feeling nauseous after I eat these days. That's not fun at all.

Last night, I felt inspired to transfer funds from my BofA credit card to my WaMu credit card because I just got a credit limit raise on the WaMu one and the interest rate is lower. This is basically why I got the card in the first place, so I was happy about it. But when I called in, they told me that they would be offering me different terms for the new transfer and explained it to me. They would offer a 1.99% rate for 6 months, then a 20.99% variable rate after that. This, needless to say, is a huge difference from the current 9.99% fixed rate that is showing on my card (and much higher than the BofA card).

I explained this to the gentleman and he wouldn't budge, so I thought I would get further with his manager. But, no, they apparently didn't want the opportunity to charge me money. I remember the funniest part of the conversation was when the manager said that they "couldn't afford to offer the same low rates all the time." Wha! I've never had a credit card refuse to take more debt in the past. It's a little awe inspiring.

In other news, FriendITease has e-mailed me to say that she's getting married. I think I knew that she was dating, but it's a pretty new relationship. She's really a wonderful person and solid, so I hope that this guy she's found is a nice one, or I may have to introduce him to some ticks.

I'm going to a dinner with S tonight. I have to dress up in '70s clothes, but I don't think I have anything really '70s. I do have an outfit planned, though. I'm going to take a nice nap before dinner. Hopefully that, and some tylenol, will keep me upright.

Addendum: Go visit Steatopygia to see a lovely picture of me, and learn a new fact about me.

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Aravis said...

I so wish there was something I could do for you, to help you feel better.