Monday, October 01, 2007

That's it...I'm just going to hold a raffle!

The infectious disease doctor said that I did have an acute infection of Lyme which he feels has been adequately treated. He is going to have me tested for the lovely combination of Babeosis and Ehrlichosis, but since my fevers aren't high enough to warrant concern on his part and my symptoms are not immediately indicative of a specific disease, there is nothing more that he feels he can do.

So I go to a rheumatologist next week. And I continue to feel frustrated and scared and completely helpless to do anything. So, if anyone wants to try an armchair diagnosis, send me a dollar and I'll put your answers into a raffle. They winner gets the satisfaction of knowing that I will bitch about their diagnosis for the rest of eternity (or until it clears up).

In better news, I had a really good weekend.

I went with S to the Sukkoth dinner on Friday night. It ended up just being a potluck in the succah with a group of folks S knows. S had been hoping for some singing or more ritual, but some of it was overshadowed by the fact that it was the Sabbath.

Saturday, I saw clients and spent time cleaning at home. It was a productive evening and I got rest, as well. I woke up early and made a nummy breakfast that S & SS came to my place to share. We headed out to a park in the South Bay that has parts of an Ohlone village and lots of shellmounds on it. S & SS had, a couple months ago, helped to make a traditional tulle boat that is now stored there, so I got to see it.

We took a class in knapping at the park. Knapping is the ancient art of making tools (specifically cutting or spearing tools) from obsidian or chirt. I made an arrowhead and a rough cutting tool. It was fun and surprisingly my right hand, which was bugging me since Wednesday, no longer hurt after the class.

We stayed around the park for a picnic lunch then a reception for a new exhibit honoring Ohlone women elders. They had an opening circle in which we chanted and danced. It was so good to be part of that. It felt grounding.

Then we headed back to Oakland, and after standing in a really long line, joined a Blockparty for Hillary. Mostly we sat around eating barbeque and watching the crowd until Hillary came onstage. So now I can say that I saw Hillary in person...even if it was about a block and a half away. Not much to say...she didn't say much that I wouldn't already expect, so I'm keeping an open mind.

This morning, I woke with a fever and feeling tired and foggy. It was particularly frustrating to get to the MD's office to find that while I had registered 99.4 on the mercury thermometer at home, I was only 98.6 at the office with their electronic thingies (I'm feeling curmudgeonly about those things these days. I just don't think they accurately measure.).


Aravis said...

I hope the rheumatologist will be able to help ease your symptoms- this sucks for you!

On a different note, you and S and SS do some of the coolest things!

Hippy Chick said...

Continuing to send you healing thoughts and lots of love!

Cody Bones said...

I hope you do feel better soon, I'm really starting to worry about you. As well as echoing Aravis, you two do the coolest things. S seems to be very good for you.